Thursday, February 11, 2010

I have been searching all of my days...

A new adventure: Try and finish a rough draft of a novel in 30 days!  It can and will be done.  Don't be fooled it's not a love story, it's anything but! Here is the end result of day one of writing:

Somewhere in Ohio
by: Molly C. Wagar

            It only took her six days on a farm, practically in the middle of nowhere, to figure her life out.  And as Lucy Walker got into her town car she looked back at the farmhouse and the man who gave her sanity back, where it belonged.  As she waved goodbye to Pete it wasn’t sadness that overwhelmed her brain and body with emotion but, it was memories and the notion of what was will simply never be the same.
            It all began the day Lucy met Gabe Avett.  They were both new to Hollywood, serving at the same restaurant.  They hit it off from the first hello.  She was a waiter and he was the newest recruit.  They talked about the simplest of things: where they grew up, why they were in Hollywood, etc.  Lucy was skeptical about Gabe.  She thought he was good looking but she had a weird vibe that he was holding back even though she was not. 
            They were officially together for a year before Gabe was cast as the lead in an indie film.  Lucy stood by his side for the long haul, rehearsing lines, going over dialogue, helping Gabe perfect scenes.  She was his right hand man and he was hers.  Gabe knew that Lucy was more talented and showed her off to every talent agent he could find.  As the indie film began to wrap up Lucy got a call from a popular agent asking her to come in for an audition.  She of course could not turn it down and Gabe would have never let her, so she went off to Montreal while Gabe finished his last days of filming in Oregon.  When Lucy found out she got the part she and Gabe sat down and decided that they both still wanted to be together but if either of their big breaks came through and they became famous they would keep their relationship hidden from the outside world so they could still find solitude in being with one another.
            As any good story goes the two found success in the independent film world and slowly but surely made their way onto the big screen and into the hustle and bustle of young Hollywood’s elite.  Flash forward to the day their “secret” relationship was leaked on the Internet and that just might be the beginning of the end of their somewhat glamorous love affair.
          The beginning of the end started some two and a half years into their relationship when a paparazzi caught the two love birds sneaking around behind a Starbucks in Chicago.  Lucy had just signed on with Food Network to host a show about hole in the wall bars across the country and Gabe was just wrapping up his second serious motion picture.  The two sent out a joint press release stating they had been together for two years and didn’t want to hide their relationship any longer.  It was after that statement that America became infatuated with the couple.  They were finally able to be together in public and they couldn’t have seemed more in love.  They visited each other on sets and from outside looking in they seemed almost too perfect. 
Lucy got a lead role in a movie that was filming in Germany and Gabe was staying behind in the states when tabloids started running obscene headlines that America’s favorite couple was no longer.
“Hey baby just wanted to let you know that America is fucking nuts if they think I would ever leave you, I’m booking a flight to Berlin as we speak!  Hope the shoot is going well, call me when you get this, I love you Luce, goodbye.”

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