Monday, March 1, 2010

a couple of poems to start March off...

The beats of the dead ring clear in my head
Walking down the once perfectly brick laid walk
stumbling between the imperfection and cigarette butts
what a long strange trip it truly has been
as the sun begins to hit the tip of the horizon
the air takes on the form of each breathe
during winter we are all dragons
breathing in the cold air, exhaling with strength and dominance
as we fight off our insecurities and mishaps that
happen over and over and over again
you can't remember the beat that helps
erase the pain, the madness, the sadness
you use the music to remember the memories
to mend the broken hearts, cure anger
keep truckin' they say as you walk down the path.

The snow has covered everything
it has masked the trees, the shrubs, the truth, the lies,
the love and even the hate.
even though everything is covered
it continues to fall in good strides as we drive.
Silence has taken over the car as we drive with caution
and talk about everything but what is really necessary.
Time is limited and even knowing doesn't make it easier.
The clock counts down on the time we have
but still no one makes the first move.
the snow has covered everything,
even masked our ability to communicate.

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